Jenny Molloy

Research Fellow

Open Bioeconomy Lab

University of Cambridge


Jenny is the Founder and Director of the Open Bioeconomy Lab. She is also a Shuttleworth Foundation Research Fellow in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology at the University of Cambridge, studying the role and impact of open approaches to Intellectual Property for a Sustainable and Equitable Bioeconomy. Her work focuses on better understanding problems facing researchers accessing biological research tools in low-resource contexts, particularly Latin America and Africa. Jenny has been analyzing existing innovative solutions and the potential for local, distributed manufacturing of enzymes to improve access and build capacity for biological research. The broader aim of her research is to contextualize “open source” approaches to biotechnology within current narratives of innovation and the bioeconomy policy agenda.

Reclone Involvement

My group co-designed the Research in Diagnostics Collection which is being shared via Reclone and we also established the forum and website. We are the main UK node for Reclone. A lot of the protocols developed via Reclone will be applicable to our context in the UK and innovation can emerge from anywhere in the world so having international sharing of ideas, data, materials and research outputs is critical.