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Every two weeks
14:00 GMT, via Zoom

Next Call: Wed 15 Sep 2021

RPA follow-up meeting: Local production for recombinase polymerase amplification: challenges and troubleshooting
Dr. Daniel Guerra Giraldez

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Reclone Symposium

18 August 2021, 14:00 – 17:00 GMT,  via Zoom

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Advocacy for Diagnostics Innovation and Local Production

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Reclone Community meetings
Past Talks

  • CRISPR for typhoid diagnosis in Cameroon and enzyme immobilisation techniques (Minette Shalo and Haneef Rehman)- video available here.
  • Evaluating LAMP assays for COVID diagnostics in Africa (Emmanuele Buratti)- video available here.
  • Manufacturing reagents in LMICs (Cameroon – Beneficial Bio, Brazil – ECRA Biotec) Stephane Fadanka and Robson Tramotina- video available here.
  • Testing times: developing a LAMP IVD during the COVID-19 pandemic (Jeroen Nieuwland and Emma Hayhurst)- video available here.
  • Development of biologics and transfer of know-how to industry: ICGEB approach (Natasha Skoko)- video available here.
  • Deploying a lab net for Covid testing in Chile based in RT-Lamp, complexities, victories, and frustrations (Manuel Rozas)- video available here.
  • Q and A session about implementing LAMP in a medical context. Implications, Benefits and objections to consider as well (Christian Brodowski)
  • Smartphone Screen Testing, a novel pre-diagnostic method to identify SARS-CoV-2 infectious individuals (Rodrigo Young) – video available here.